Sunday, September 27

Here's a few more yummy lamps from Domayne. Great for the home office the Noir' Tripod Lamp, the Seville Table Lamp featuring a fabulous black and white striped shade and my favourite the Bravura Floor Lamp pictured with a a Eiffel Tower Decal.

Wednesday, September 23

Tord Boontje

More from Tord Boontje...I adore these beautiful lampshades. The Shadow Light will enchant young hearts. The lampshade gently turns and the images reflect onto the surrounding walls. The Garland Light shown here in dazzling gold consists of a long metal garland of flowers, forest creatures and foliage that is wrapped around a light bulb.

Monday, September 21

Devon & Devon

Devon&Devon have re-invented the Victorian era bathroom with a contemporary twist. These timeless consoles are truly beautiful. Check out the full range here - Studio Bagno.

Saturday, September 19

Pedlars - UK

How much fun are these? Comic Strip Plasters - 24 sterile, individually wrapped bandages in a tin and Loo roll holders - soft rubber holders for loo rolls, 34cm(l) x 19cm (w). Both from Pedlars in the UK. (They can send most items overseas, just email for a quote for postage.) Or try Gifted.

Monday, September 14


Domayne finally opened up in Perth a few weeks ago. Of course I found an excuse to pop in and check out their range. As soon as you walk in your hit with these big bold pieces. The St Ives 3 seater sofa packs a punch - upholstered in Warwick's Portsea Onyx (other colours available). The Bravura floor lamp compliments the sofa perfectly with its silhouette curvy base.

Wednesday, September 9

Keep Calm and Carry On

Something strange has happened to me since the push to rid our planet of the dreaded plastic shopping bag. Once upon a time I would not give the plastic bag I was carrying a second thought. I would carry my groceries home in them, then re-use the bags as rubbish bin liners. THEN....the tote bag arrived. Sometimes free, sometimes $1 etc. Suddenly I cared where my Tote bag was from, what colour it was, and what it said. I wanted a Donna Hay bag, then Wayne Cooper bag, then, well I won't go on. It's just a bag to carry your groceries home in right? This Lark tote is exactly what I need. 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Not another word needs to be said on the subject.

Tuesday, September 8

Wow...loving this black and white mesh sequin top/dress from My Catwalk. If you need something amazing in a hurry they deliver Australia wide 'next day' free!

Monday, September 7

Rocket St George

Diamantini & Domeniconi Striped Cuckoo Clocks

Skullduggery Chair

These two items from Rocket St George in London really appeal to me. I love the idea of giving a traditional piece of furniture a contemporary twist. The hand made Cuckoo Clock is designed in Italy by the famous clock manufacturers Diamantini and Domeniconi. It takes D batteries and the cuckoo can be switched off....not that you would! The Skullduggery chair would look right at home at my place and be a real talking point to boot.