Sunday, December 16

Fabulous Bench

I'm sorry to say that I lost my notes for this fabulous bench seen at Abitare il Tempo 2007. After searching everywhere, going through all the exhibitors and emailing the organisers I still have no idea who's it is. It's so lovely and I cannot just leave it out. Can't you just see yourself sitting up there with your expresso and favourite home/design magazine or sipping cocktails with your girlfriends. It's very Sex and the City.

Sunday, December 2


These poufs were absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to take them home with me, one under each arm. Well, I guess there would have been a problem on the flight home. So I just dream about them. Aren't they yummy. This booth at Abitare il Tempo was chock full of really beautiful pieces. All must haves I might add. I was drawn to the over sized light shade (first photo). Wow, wouldn't it look fabbo outside over your outdoor setting. VGnewtrend was my favourite exhibitor. They also have a very cool website, definitely worth a look.

Thursday, November 22

Atmosphere Makers

I just love these sleepy sculptures by Mexican artist Yuri Zatarin. There's something soothing about them don't you think? I saw these at the Abitare il Tempo interior decorator trade fare in Verona, Italy earlier this year. The Atmosphere Makers featured them. They had a wonderful exhib, really cozy, mysterious and inviting. These dreamy sculptures just seem to call out to you like sirens.

Wednesday, November 21

No One You Know

Check out these great Australian designs from No One You Know - Designer Homewear. Their philosophy "why restrict art to the walls". I especially luv the hand printed Bump T. They're an online store and will post to anywhere in the world

Tuesday, August 14

First Post!

My first post! After thinking about it for months it's finally getting out of my head. I am torn between the excitement and relief to finally do it and now I'm totally freaked about what to post first. Here goes... We have been renovating our home over the last 12 months. Here is a storage unit I designed for my kitchen. I absolutely luv it. Family and friends can quickly grab a glass (wine) or plate without exchanging any words. They quickly settle in without any help from me. It's great fun changing things around and getting a new look. It's finished in laminate from The Laminex Group. Licorice Linea - don't you just love the name. We are off to Europe this week...the whole family. I hope to share everything wonderful along the way. Including a trade fair for interior designers - Abitare Il Tempo in Verona, Italy.