Wednesday, February 18

Wall Hung Vanity

Basins can make a big difference to the overall look of a bathroom. I love these images, they demonstrate clearly what goes through your mind when trying to choose bathroom fittings. "What would this one look like? What about this one? Does this one look better than that?" As you can see all three vessels work. Problem, well I love all three! Still can't choose. Images from Casa Idea magazine. 1. Vessel - Woodline by Agape Design 2. Vessel - Halley di Regia 3. Vessel - Thermae by Inda

Tuesday, February 10

Modern Morocco

I was looking through my archives earlier today and came across this pic I put together on Polyvore last year sometime. It has a contemporary Moroccan flavour. Most of the items can be sourced from somewhere where you live and of course online. However, I can't say I have seen anything like that lovely black and white rug from CB2 in Australia. It's funky and affordable.

Sunday, February 8

Home Office?

I'm loving this home office featured in Inside Out (magazine) this month. Fabulous bit of styling and how groovy is that carousel storage unit. It's from Quintessential DuckeggBlue. I am in the middle of decorating and organising what is known to most people as the 'home office'. But, for me it's a shrine, a place of worship, a place where everything I love and want is gathered in the one place. It is a place where I receive inspiration and I place where I believe dreams can come true. that was a bit heady. But I must admit I do treat it as shrine, I don't even sort the mail, pay bills and sort all the household paper work from my shrine. I have another desk where all that stuff gets sorted. I will post some pics of my little shrine as it comes together.