Wednesday, July 29

2009 Mademoiselle Cushion

I absolutely adore this screen printed cushion from Nordic Designs. A cushion which tells a story ..... Paris .... a man ... a beautiful women.... is she dreaming, or reminiscing? Mademoiselle you are on my wishlist.

Wednesday, July 22

I love those verge throw other half found this one a few months back. Finally got around to sanding and painting! Yippee.

Saturday, July 18

Ensuite Selection

Here is a bathroom concept and selection I have been working on for a lovely couple who are building the new home in Doubleview. The concept image is not fully detailed, however it still managers to show them how it all will look on completion. The gorgeous semi-recessed basins are from Parisi and Amio basin mixers are from Methven. The Unica 900mm shower rail from Hansgrohe and the Amio shower mixer complete the shower cubicle.


I'm really into circle shaped mirrors at the moment. Here's 4 different looks......all fabulous in their own right. The first pic shows off the Kaldewei Classic Duo bath. I love the way the owner's have introduced the circle mirror, it really pops for me. Image from Inside Out. The second pic has a whimsical feel about it, it's fun. And the third pic has a seriously 'cool' moody look. Image from Cibo. Lastly Keuco bathroom concpets from Germany. Enjoy

Monday, July 13

Ross Lovegrove

1. Mercury Drops. 2. Supernatural Chair.
I was speaking to a designer from down Margaret River way the other week and she mentioned that she loves Ross Lovegrove's Tear Drops shower head and asked if I had seen it. Well, no I hadn't but after a few minutes of 'googling' I was up to speed and wow it's amazing and like nothing I've seen before. His designs are described as "organic essentialism" and yes they are fluid and they relate to the natural world in a futuristic way.

Saturday, July 11

Black in the Bathroom

Is black as safe as white in the bathroom? Porcelain white basins/baths are universal, no matter what your preferred style is, you can never go wrong. Does this apply to black? I think it just might. Here's the Ellipso free standing bath in black from Kaldewei and Villeroy & Boch Memento basins (glossy black and New Glory).

Monday, July 6

Jamie Hayon

Jamie Hayon is a fantastic designer, he always offers the 'wow' factor. The Josephine Queen Chandeliers and Lamps are amazing. I adore the balance and combination of the glossy porcelain bases and shades. There is something provocative about the shape. Something irresistible.

Thursday, July 2

Florence Broadhurst

Cranes, Japanese Floral, Horse Stampede, Solar, Turnabout, Honeycombe Circle and Squares,
Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives book has been out for sometime now. And of course it is loved and reviewed on many many blogs. My copy has been read, loved, used as a reference and inspiration over and over again. I particularly like to have it open on a certain page which tends to reflect what sort of mood I'm in or perhaps what sort of mood I want to be in. The the last few weeks I have it opened on the pages 70 & 71 --- Horses Stampede. I also like to encourage everyone else in the house to leave the book open on a page that they love. Her designs are vivid, daring and challenging. I suppose the more these designs thrill you the more you realise how tired and restricted the minimalist look of the late 90's was. As we have seen Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs have jumped from the wall to pillows, rugs, curtains, handbags and even coffee mugs. I loving it all! Currently on my wishlist is a set of Japanees Floral coffee mugs (red).