Thursday, January 31

Stanislav Katz

Consol Book Shelves Commode

The Pie Lamp

Cake Lamp
All images from Stanislav Katz

Absolute 'eye candy', each piece has a whimsical excitment about it. These beautiful designs are from the mysterious Stanislav Katz. I think something is lost in the translation in regards to the names of each piece.

Wednesday, January 30

Pandora Design

Trinacria - Cutlery , designed by Kazuyo Komoda

Carafe - designed by Matt Sindall

St Peter - 8xmille - cocktail squeezer, designed by Giulio Iacchetti

De Luxe Cutlery designed by Donata Patruccini & Fabio Bortolani

Photos from Pandora Design

I came across Pandora Design via an Italian home magazine Casaidea. It featured this plastic cutlery as "Plastica Chic" and I couldn't agree more. The gold cocktail squeezer - St Peter 8xmille is sooo cool. Their website is well worth a visit. Lots and lots of fabulous designs. No online store at this stage.

Sunday, January 27


Photos by BernabeiFreeman

These lacy numbers are by BenabeiFreeman. Rina Bernabei and Kelly Freeman began working together in 2002. Between them they have industrial design and lighting backgrounds. Who would of thought perforated aluminium panels could be so beautifully decorative. The Peony Floor Lamp and the Lace Pendant Light are my favourites from these two amazing ladies. Click here to see all their designs. BenabeiFreeman products are distributed by Living Edge.

Thursday, January 24

Star Rangehood

I noticed a good looking Smeg FA Porche Rangehood in last weekend Sunday Times New Homes section, which got me thinking. What is the best looking rangehood on the market. Well, for me, I think I found it! The Star from Elica Collection. I can't believe it is a rangehood, an elegant, sophisticated and decorative light fitting yes, but a rangehood? WOW.

Tuesday, January 22

Fanuli Furniture

Photos from Fanuli

The Vogue Sideboard from Fanuli Furniture is one of those pieces I dream about owning. In my dream it sits in my bedroom and is clearly visible when I walk down the long hall way towards my bedroom. It sits there boldly and in perfect symmetry. Errr sorry, waking up now... it's made of solid timber and finished in a shiny silver lacquer. It is designed by an Italian company Grande Arredo . Very, very nice, don't you think?

Sunday, January 20

Ikea Love Where You Live

Photos from Ikea

Love where you live? This is Ikea's new promo to introduce their new bigger store right here in Perth. It is clever, fun and absolutely charming. Once you click on the Love Where You Live icon your journey begins. A new window opens up with a picture of a house, it then zooms into the front door and the doorbell rings. The lovely Mrs Woods opens the door and invites you into their world. From here you can choose different rooms in the house (via the floor plan icon) and see how the Woods family live. There are lots of clever features like lamps that switch on and off with a click of your mouse, window blinds that roll up and down and each family member talks and shares their room with you. My favourite is their dog Gustav's kennel. What a cool pad he has. You can upload your own pet's (or maybe your boyfriend's) picture into Gustav's picture frame and it will upload by the following day. That's a bit of a giggle. He has a fireplace and mantle complete with three stuffed cats heads above the mantle. They even meow when you run your mouse over them (no pun intended). The whole thing is charming, yes it is advertising but done so well. If you are anything like me you go to Ikea to pick up one thing or just pop in to have a look and end up going home with a boot load of stuff. My favourite Ikea piece at the moment is the Hemnes bedside table. It's a little sweety. It's made of white fibreboard with tempered glass top for $169 AUD. Of course it's not restricted to the bedroom, I can see it sitting beautifully next to a wing back chair with your favourite books and flowers piled up.

Thursday, January 17

Cloth Fabric

Photo from Cloth

This beautiful linen and cotton blend upholstery fabric is inspired by one of our wonderful Australian trees the Golden Wattle. I was instantly drawn to the colour combination and its vintage vibe. This design is called Wattle Sunny and also comes in two other colours, Wattle Night (black and white combination) and Cloudy (grey and white). Cloth is a small independent company which works mainly with hemp and linen. Julie Paterson, owner and designer has been making screen printed textiles by hand since 1995.

Sunday, January 13

Louise Tray

I came across this tray by Ibride via Elle Decor and followed the links to Each tray is constructed by applying high pressure laminate to an environmentally friendly, recycled wood core. It is gorgeous.

Mock Doily Plates

What a pretty collection ... ideally I would love to collect each plate individually and tell stories about how I found each and everyone one of them or how my grandmother left them to me or .... but that just isn't me! I must admit I adore the fact that I can buy the whole set in one go and change the ribbons whenever the mood strikes. Huh...reality bites. Victorian Set of 9 Plates from USD125.

Thomas Paul

Mmmm, an irrestibile little black and white gem by Thomas Paul.
Brocade Pillow, USD$40, 100% cotton from

Saturday, January 12

Jethro Macey

I saw this amazing concrete tile featured in Elle Decor Italia. Wow, what a combination concrete & lace. I just love the contridiction. Jethro Macey won an Elle Decor British Design Award for this lovely 'must have' embossed tile.

Friday, January 11

Decor Marmi

I just adore these beautiful marble clad tiles by Decor Marmi. Especially the rose pattern as seen in this picture. The pictures really do not do the product justice. The tiles have a 3 dimensional effect and are absolutely striking. It is a modular system offering both geometric and flower patterns. Seen at Abitare il Tempo.

Wednesday, January 9

Flight Recliner

It's so stylish and so not a recliner! Well it is! A recliner that doesn't look like a recliner. Fabulous, nothing else just fabulous. Designed by Jeffrey Bernett . Available from Design Within Reach exclusively.

Before & After

I recently finished renovating a 2 bedroom apartment in Claremont, WA and love before and after photos. Check out my ugly duckling renovation.

I love the view of Freshwater Bay. People fishing off the jetty, rows and rows of white boats moored and awaiting direction. Sailing enthusiasts crisscrossing the river and me standing on the balcony watching it all go by. (Err why I am I selling this again.) It will be auctioned on the 19th of January. You can see more photos on just type this i.d. number 104519957 in for direct access.

Saturday, January 5

Silver Chairs

.......L O V E.......E M....... I was instantly drawn to these chairs. Well to the fabric in particular. I think the combination of the grey and silver is striking. It's that rough/smooth, shiny/dull thing that attracts me. Imagine them around your dining table, an instant lift with just enough shine to exude a little opulence. Seen at the wonderful Abitare il Tempo 2007 show.

Bling Lighting

Look at this jewel. Seen at Abitare il Tempo 2007. I just want to run my fingers thru those golden hoops. Can you hear it? It's 'bling' without the chanderlier thing going on. Now I can't stop looking around my home and picturing the pendant light fittings in a whole new dimension.