Tuesday, May 12


Whirligig by Waldemar Kolbusz,$1,400.00 Note by Waldemar Kolbusz, $5,500.00 Skipping by Waldemar Kolbusz, $5,500.00 Coupe by Waldemar Kolbusz,$1,400.00 Caterpillar by Waldemar Kolbusz , $1,400.00 Flouncy by Waldemar Kolbusz, $1,400.00 Waldemar Kolbusz is one of my favourite artists. I love, love, love his work. His current work (oil on canvas) will be on show between 15 May and 07 June at Libby Edwards Galleries in Brisbane. Even though Waldemar Kolbusz lives in the same city as I do, I have never been to one of his exhibitions. Hard to believe considering I have loved his work ever since I first saw a small review in Vogue Living many years ago. His exhibitions are always 'out of town', Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Broome etc. Unfortunately, I never seem to be in the same city or town. I look forward to seeing his paintings in person one day, but until then I'm happy to admire them from my computer.

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