Saturday, October 24

Piatto Free Standing Shower

Superplan with anti slip decoration. Superplan Gold - 24 carat gold plating ornamentation.
The circular Piatto shower base (150cmx6cm) from Kaldewei is absolutely striking. It appears of be floating on the floor. And how about that gorgeous, luxurious shower curtain. It's all so dreamy. Hang on a minute...alarm bells are ringing. Shower bases and shower curtains are rarely described as luxurious. I do have faint memories of a dull, scratched shower base and mouldy shower curtain from many many years ago. Here's what they say: The shower plate is made of Kaldewei steel enamel. You can't scratch it if you tried. And the curtain is Teflon-coated taffeta with concealed magnets in the hem. This ensures the curtain falls straight and flush with the shower edge. It comes in 3 colours - bordeaux red, anthracite and chamois beige. And if still one requires more, the Superplans can be embellished with 24-karat gold plating on your request. Make it all mine...I mean yours! Keep an eye on this page for the Australian release.

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