Monday, December 28

Pantone Colour of the Year 2010

Pantone has announced Turquoise as the Colour of the Year 2010. If a colour could be described as youthful, for me this is it. It's a greenish blue energising colour. Love it combined with white, browns, pinks and reds.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lolita - I love turquoise/aqua/teal blue...all shades around those colours. Beautiful. Well chosen, Pantone :)

Keep have a great eye for colour and design!

Karen xx

P.S. If you are still after one of the "breathe" pendants that I havd for sale in my shop, more will be available this coming week. Thanks for your interest.

LoL7o7 said...

Hi Karen, thanks for dropping by my blog. Will be in contact this week for the pendant. Lolita