Monday, February 1

Patricia Urquiola

I didn't realise how much I love Patricia Urquiola's work until one day I noticed that I had collected so many images of her designs. I find that I'm drawn to her patterns and textures. The Crinoline Chair is my absolute favourite. The contrast and balance between the flowery pattern and linearity is quiet beautiful. Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish born architect / designer who resides and works in Milan. Here is how she describes her style: "I’m quite eclectic, varied and diverse. I like to think in different scales at the same time, in architecture and design. I’m interested in behavior structures, artisan techniques,certain aspects of memory... aspects of my life." Reference Designboom
Crinoline Chair
Hanging Swing Chair
Mandarin Orient Hotel Barcelona by PQ
Unsame Table
T Table Kartell
Retrouvae Table
Antibodi Chase Lounge
Tufty Time Sofa
Crochet Board Rug
Fjord Armchair & Footstool
Flo Chair
Coboche Light
Buckle Watch
Axor - Urquiola Milan
Ambience Bath
Mandarin Orient Hotel Barcelona by PQ


Diogo said...

Great post!
I really need some visual inspiration like this!
I’m having inspiration in some designers for like this one, Marcel Wanders, Studio Job or Boca do Lobo.
I really enjoyed your blog. I’ll come back to see what you post next!
See this blog I found.
It’s amazing.

Keep Posting!

LoL7o7 said...

Hi Diogo, thanks for your comment. Will check out Lolita