Sunday, January 20

Ikea Love Where You Live

Photos from Ikea

Love where you live? This is Ikea's new promo to introduce their new bigger store right here in Perth. It is clever, fun and absolutely charming. Once you click on the Love Where You Live icon your journey begins. A new window opens up with a picture of a house, it then zooms into the front door and the doorbell rings. The lovely Mrs Woods opens the door and invites you into their world. From here you can choose different rooms in the house (via the floor plan icon) and see how the Woods family live. There are lots of clever features like lamps that switch on and off with a click of your mouse, window blinds that roll up and down and each family member talks and shares their room with you. My favourite is their dog Gustav's kennel. What a cool pad he has. You can upload your own pet's (or maybe your boyfriend's) picture into Gustav's picture frame and it will upload by the following day. That's a bit of a giggle. He has a fireplace and mantle complete with three stuffed cats heads above the mantle. They even meow when you run your mouse over them (no pun intended). The whole thing is charming, yes it is advertising but done so well. If you are anything like me you go to Ikea to pick up one thing or just pop in to have a look and end up going home with a boot load of stuff. My favourite Ikea piece at the moment is the Hemnes bedside table. It's a little sweety. It's made of white fibreboard with tempered glass top for $169 AUD. Of course it's not restricted to the bedroom, I can see it sitting beautifully next to a wing back chair with your favourite books and flowers piled up.

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