Thursday, January 24

Star Rangehood

I noticed a good looking Smeg FA Porche Rangehood in last weekend Sunday Times New Homes section, which got me thinking. What is the best looking rangehood on the market. Well, for me, I think I found it! The Star from Elica Collection. I can't believe it is a rangehood, an elegant, sophisticated and decorative light fitting yes, but a rangehood? WOW.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Lolita - isn't this the most fabulous of ideas - I saw it in HK Home Journal this month and loved it :-). PS thank you so much for saying hi on ABT :-)

Lolita said...

Hi again,
This is touch late (ha!), you know I'm not really out there in blog land. Sorry for the late reply. What are you doing now? No one speaks of what's happening in the US (credit crunch)on design blogs but we see it every night on the news. Trust you are looking after yourself :-)