Tuesday, December 30

Wall Candy Wallpaper

Tranquil Celadon

I'm am really excited about this beautiful wallpaper which I am hoping to use in a new house we are building. It's a Graham Brown paper designed by Linda Barker. It is described as a "pretty floral pattern characterised with playful birds and butterflies". Yes, yes it is, but what about the colour combination, that's what drew me in first. The background colour is a soft dreamy mint and the floral pattern is a satin silver foil (computer images does not do it justice). It radiates a calming cool feeling. I can't stop looking at it. Wall Candy Wallpaper are opening a new store in Highgate (Beaufort Street, just down the road from the Brisbane Hotel) and I have just been told that they are throwing open their doors tomorrow with a little sale to get things going. Of course there will be an official opening later down the track but for those of you like me that can't wait and don't mind that the store is not quite finished there are rewards of 20% off!

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